Press Release Improve Quality Care Rockville Health Expressions

“Above all, my patients expect and deserve results. We are already starting to see a huge shift in the way many patients approach their medical care, with more autonomy and a greater sense of control demonstrating changes that has frankly caused many clinics to shut their doors. I have been so impressed by SWSNA being the most transparent and reasonable partnership out there. Unlike the medical franchise models that charge $100,000 or more to join, SWSNA ensured that I was using the very best shockwave device available to meet my clinic based needs- even before signing up. They gave us a wealth of clinical knowledge, live training, and open-source access to marketing solutions proven to get my message in front of the right patients at just the right time.”

SWSNA has entered the value-based healthcare movement with their comprehensive list of healthcare providers and specialists. As people become informed, advocates for wellness reform, the healthcare industry has a responsibility to respond to consumer demand for change by acting as ambassadors for health-conscious, integrative lifestyles.



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