Luz Arias

Luz Arias

Shockwave Treatment Specialist

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About Luz

As a clinical therapist at Health Expressions Medical Spa in Rockville, Luz Arias specializes in medical aesthetics and anti-aging treatments alongside Dr. Jennifer Miller.

A passionate student of the human body, Luz has dedicated her career to unraveling the intricate complexities that drive its functioning. Through years of extensive research and practical experience, she has become an expert in the medical applications of Shockwave Therapy – commonly referred to as GAINSWave Therapy. With unwavering commitment, she understands that every patient is unique and recognizes the importance of individualized care plans that are tailored meticulously to their specific needs and goals. Adopting a professional tone, Luz diligently analyzes each patient’s medical history, thoroughly evaluates their symptoms or concerns, and performs comprehensive assessments to ascertain the most suitable course of action. Her unparalleled expertise coupled with genuine compassion creates an environment for patients where they can feel heard and understood while receiving high-quality specialized treatment. Providing holistic care throughout the therapeutic journey is at the forefront of Luz’s approach as she strives not only for successful outcomes but also for optimizing overall well-being.

In her free time, Luz loves networking with like-minded professionals from various industries and sharing insights on medical aesthetics. Her commitment to helping others is underscored by her commitment to staying up to date on the latest advances in shockwave therapy techniques and technology.