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Do you have unwanted hair that you’re tired of shaving, tweezing or waxing? If so, you may want to consider laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, hair removal lasers are the third most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure, with over 1.1 million procedures performed.

At Health Expressions, we are experts in hair removal and hair restoration. If you’re searching for the best laser hair removal near you, we have you covered. Call us today at (301) 244-4717 or come in today and meet our medical specialists and start your journey to smooth, healthy skin!

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses pulsating laser energy to target and remove hair follicles. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin to stop and delay the hairs from growing back. Keep reading to learn about the science of hair growth.

Hair Growth Cycles

Hair goes through three growth cycles: anagen (active growth phase), catagen (transitional phase), and telogen (resting phase). Laser removal is most effective during the anagen or active growth phase. During this phase, the hair is actively growing and is most responsive to laser treatment.

Common Treatment Areas

Laser hair reduction and removal is commonly used to remove unwanted hair from nearly any area of the body. Common treatment areas include:

  • Face
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Bikini area
  • Full Brazilian
  • Back
  • Chest

Laser Ear Hair Removal

Laser treatments can even be used to remove hair from the ear canal. This is a common procedure for men with excess hair growth in the ear canal, which can cause hearing problems.

Laser Hair Procedure

You can do a few things to prepare for your laser hair procedure.

  • Shave the treatment area. Shaving the treatment area before your laser hair procedure makes the procedure more effective and can help to reduce the risk of side effects.
  • Avoid sun exposure. It’s important to avoid sun exposure before your treatment. Sun exposure can make the skin more sensitive and increase the risk of side effects.
  • Arrive at your appointment with clean skin. Be sure to arrive at your appointment with clean skin. Avoid wearing makeup, lotions, deodorant, oils, or perfumes in the treatment area.

Before the procedure, the area being treated will be cleansed with a sterile solution. A cooling gel or cream may also be applied to help protect the skin.

During the procedure, you will wear eye protection to shield your eyes from the laser light. The laser device will be passed over the treatment area multiple times to target all of the hair follicles. Some patients describe the feeling as a snapping rubber band on the skin. A topical anesthetic may be used for those with very sensitive skin.

After the procedure, the treated area may be red. You may also experience some localized discomfort, similar to a sunburn. These side effects are temporary and usually resolve within a few hours.

Risks and Complications

Laser hair is considered a safe procedure with minimal risks and complications. However, as with any procedure, there is always a measure of risks associated.

Potential side effects are usually mild and temporary. They may include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Skin irritation

Complications of laser hair treatments are rare but can include:

  • Change in skin color (hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation)
  • Change in skin texture
  • Scarring
  • Blistering
  • Infection

Spectrum 810-Diode

At Health Expressions, we use the newest and most effective laser technology available, the Spectrum 810-Diode laser. This laser is FDA-approved for all skin types and offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Safe for all skin types
  • Effective on fine and thick hair
  • Fast treatment times
  • No recovery time
  • Minimal discomfort

Hirsutism and Hypertrichosis

Laser hair removal can also be used to treat hirsutism and hypertrichosis, which are conditions that cause excessive hair growth. Hirsutism is a condition that causes thick, dark hair to grow in areas where women typically don’t have hair, such as the face, chest, and back. Hypertrichosis is a condition that causes excessive hair growth all over the body.

Laser Removal vs. Electrolysis

Laser hair removal and electrolysis are both effective methods of hair removal; however, there are some key differences between the two procedures.

Electrolysis uses a wire or probe to destroy each hair follicle individually, while laser removal uses a laser to target multiple hair follicles simultaneously. Laser hair removal is faster, less painful, and can be used on larger areas than electrolysis.

Alternative Hair Removal Methods

If you’re not interested in laser treatments, there are other hair removal options available, such as:

  • Hair removal cream: Hair removal cream uses chemicals to break down the hair shaft and can be used on small areas of the body, such as the face, bikini area, and underarms.
  • Shaving: Shaving is a quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair but does not provide long-lasting results.
  • Waxing: Waxing removes hair from the root and can last for several weeks.
  • Epilators: Epilators use rotating heads to remove hair from the root.
  • Threading: Threading uses a twisted thread to remove hair from the root.
  • Sugaring: Sugaring is a natural alternative to waxing that uses a sugar-based paste to remove hair from the root.

Laser Hair Treatment Near You

Skip painful waxing, threading, and sugaring, and try laser hair removal instead! Laser removal is a safe, effective, and long-lasting way to remove unwanted body hair. If you’re searching for a quick, affordable, and convenient laser hair treatment near you, our experienced team at Health Expressions can help now.

We offer the newest and most effective laser technology to help you achieve the best result. Schedule a free consultation today to see if laser hair removal is right for you. Call (301) 244-4717 or fill out the online booking form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions for laser hair removal?

The number of sessions required for laser hair removal will depend on the individual. Typically, 6-8 sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Most patients report that laser hair removal is relatively painless. A topical numbing cream can be used to help minimize any discomfort. Our state-of-the-art machine has a freezing tip that cools the area before lasering each section.

How long does each session take?

The length of each session will depend on the size of the area being treated. Smaller areas, such as the upper lip, can be treated in just a few minutes, while larger areas, such as the back or legs, may take up to an hour.

Can you work out after laser hair treatment?

It is recommended that you avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after laser hair removal. This will help to minimize any discomfort and allow the skin to heal properly.

Is laser hair treatment permanent?

Laser hair treatment can permanently reduce the growth of unwanted hair. However, some patients may require touch-up sessions every few months to maintain results.

Does laser hair removal affect tattoos?

Laser hair procedures can lighten a tattoo, so it is best to avoid the area directly on it.

Can I shower after laser hair removal?

Yes, you can shower after laser hair removal. However, it is important to avoid hot showers and saunas, as this can irritate the skin.

Is laser hair removal for everyone?

Laser hair removal can be used on most skin types and colors. It is most effective on light skin with dark coarse hair. It is not effective for treating white, gray, or very light-colored hair (blonde hair) or people with darker skin because the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle.

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