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Weight Loss and Detoxification

We review each patient individually to evaluate whether may have need additional support or are ready health wise to begin our detoxification or weight loss program. 

Each person will consult with the doctor to obtain the best program for their needs and lifestyle.

  • Personalized programs
  • Doctor supervised
  • Weekly meetings with tips for success
  • Delicious easy recipes and shakes
  • Group and individual support
  • Body % fat and measurements
  • How to maintain or continue losing weight
  • How to maintain the healthier you!
  • Daily email support
  • Exercise groups are also available

Weight Loss: Mind-Body Techniques, Coaching, and Regenerative Technology

One of the best tools for weight loss could be your mind. Mind-body techniques combined with regular phone calls with a nutritionist can help people reduce their stress levels, lower their blood pressure and shed pounds, according to a study by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine (BHI) at Massachusetts General Hospital. The mind-body techniques involved included controlled breathing and meditation.
At Health Expressions, we provide a comprehensively supportive care plan to guarentee your success- including wellness coaches to help you stay motivated and the latest medical technologies to kick-start your ideal weight journey from the inside out.

Nutrition Coaching

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life With A Weight Loss Coach!
Nutrition Plans · Daily Check-Ins · Custom Workouts

Lose Weight

Start your weight loss journey today by contacting Health Expressions and scheduling your free consultation.

Regenerative Technology

Shockwave Therapy
NIR Phototherapy

Sports Nutrition

Whatever goals you're training for, achieve them faster with Health Expressions. This is resistance training with a scientific edge.

Balance Body Mind

Over 120 Powerful Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients. Natural and Effective. Out of struggle, Chaos and Suffering, Inspiration is Born. A balanced body starts with by balancing the chemistry of your mind.

A Sound Scientific Solution

Health Expressions has the only noninvasive fat-loss treatment that delivers immediate results and is

guaranteed to remove up to two inches in a single treatment session!

Since the treatments are noninvasive and there’s no downtime or harmful side effects, nearly everyone can benefit from our programs.

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Dr. Jennifer Miller has helped thousands in the Rockville, MD community with health issues ranging from weight loss to pain relief. Her holistic approach is designed to address health issues as naturally as possible. Call today to schedule a free consultation!