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I wanted to share a recent experience I’ve had that has been incredibly helpful for me post baby. I had a lot of vaginal pain and tissue damage following my vaginal birth 17 months ago. I recently began a non invasive vaginal rejuvenation and it has been life changing and sex changing... in an intimacy kind of way😍. I had rectocele following giving birth. After my second treatment, I can barely feel it. I had pain while having sex in different positions and now sex is pain free. My labia looks better than it ever has. Also, my husband feels a significant difference in tightness and he says it feels so "grippy"🤪. So fun right!?! I just wanted to share in case some of you struggled with any of this post birth. I think the emotional part of feeing icky was just as bad for me. Go get some self care! I saw Dr. Miller at Health Expressions and it has been such a fun experience for something that has felt so bad for so long.

from K in Silver Spring

These ladies are awesome.  They are knowledgeable, professional, welcoming, and in a potentially uncomfortable situation, they make you feel right at home.  All of their services are above and beyond what I would of expected.  And the results… feel like I’m 18 again.  I highly recommend visiting Health Expressions.  On my exploration of ways to fine tune life and keep an edge in a world that I’m getting older in everyday,  their services are a welcome addition to my quiver!

from Adam Frick