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Shockwave Therapy Fact Sheets >>

The New Patient Guide to ESWT: 

  • Non-surgical solutions for 20 common complaints
  • How to get the most shocking results fast
  • Prepare to launch with pre-therapy tips & tricks

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Radial vs Focus Shockwave Therapy:

A systematic review of shockwave therapies in soft tissue conditions:
focusing on the evidence.

Shock Wave Therapy Protocols Matter:

Influence of different energy patterns on efficacy of radial shock wave therapy

Large Gains For Nerves And Muscles

shock wave therapy reports evidence of improvement in motor function, motor impairment, pain, and functional independence

Wave Goodbye To Wrist Pain

Effect of extracorporeal shockwave therapy on carpal tunnel syndrome?
..." ESWT can improve symptoms, functional outcomes, and electrophysiologic parameters..."

Pain In The Butt With ESWT

A new and promising option for Chronic Pelvic Pain, a frequently-occurring inflammatory disease with poor drug efficacy.

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