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A breakthrough in pain management; Shockwave Therapy combines the most effective methods with cutting edge technology to target and eliminate sources of chronic pain such as arthritic joints, pinched nerves, muscle spasms and trigger points.


Back problems are degenerative, getting worse and more frequent over time.


Accidents, muscle strain, awkward sleeping, degenerative conditions and more.


What if there was a solution that may be able treat your back pain without drugs or surgery?


Rockville Pain Relief FAQ's

Under any other circumstance, we’d agree with you.  And we also respect that no two people are exactly the same.  Research, science and patients from around the world stand as a testament to this new, amazing therapy exclusively available at Rockville Health.  If you’re that sceptical, let me offer you a complimentary taste of Swiss ESWT for Pain Relief during your FREE first consultation. 

Difficult spouse syndrome? Bring them with and you can call this date night!


11) Ibrahim MI, Donatelli RA, Hellman M, Hussein AZ, Furia JP, Schmitz C. Long-term results of radial extracorporeal shock wave treatment for chronic plantar fasciopathy: A prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled trial with two years follow-up. J Orthop Res Epub ahead of print on Aug 27, 2016.

In general, this is possible. However, the following points must be considered: (i) The Swiss Shockwave technique is not yet approved for the treatment of fresh injuries in the US; related clinical research is ongoing. (ii) With regard to tendon pathology, it is critical to note that there are no acute tendinopathies, only newly diagnosed ones. Safety and efficacy of the Swiss ESWT for treating newly diagnosed tendinopathies was demonstrated in the international peer-review literature for plantar fasciopathy (Rompe et al., 201012), primary long bicipital tenosynovitis (Liu et al., 201213) and lateral or medial epicondylitis (Lee et al., 201214)

Short Answer- We Can Help.  Please call or email Dr. Miller to discuss your specific case first.  During your initial FREE consultation, bring any related imaging, radiology reports, physical therapy notes, and a complete list of current medications/supplements for review.


12) Rompe JD, Cacchio A, Weil L Jr, Furia JP, Haist J, Reiners V, Schmitz C, Maffulli N. Plantar fascia-specific stretching versus radial shock-wave therapy as initial treatment of plantar fasciopathy. J Bone Joint Surg Am 2010;92:2514-2522.
13) Liu S, Zhai L, Shi Z, Jing R, Zhao B, Xing G. Radial extracorporeal pressure pulse therapy for the primary long bicipital tenosynovitis a prospective randomized controlled study. Ultrasound Med Biol 2012;38:727-735.
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Yes, this is possible. Loosening of implants or surgical joint replacement material (such as screws, plates, nails) after exposure to shock waves has not been reported in the literature. In any case, direct contact between the applicator of the ESWT device and implants or surgical implants should be avoided. Furthermore, shock waves should not be applied “through” an implant or surgical osteosynthesis material in order to treat a pathology located behind it; shock waves would not reach their target.

Having completed my training & residency utilizing this novel Swiss technology, our skills and confidence are truly future forward at Rockville Health.

Our Swiss ESWT device works great for for this indication. It does not matter whether you had full axillary node clearance or just the sentinel nodes removed; what is relevant is the clinical picture (i.e. the development of a secondary lymphedema). As a rule, the earlier the treatment is started, the better the outcome.

15) Michelini S, Failla A, Moneta G, et al.: Treatment of primary and secondary lymphedema with shockwave therapy. Eur J Lymphol 2008;19:10.

These are expert indications for Swiss Shockwave Therapy.  Several international studies (and current US clinical studies) have indicated that Swiss Shockwave Therapy …down there… is safe and could provide an effective non-invasive solution for may pelvic area dysfunctions. 
Learn more about this for WOMEN by clicking HERE.
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Shockwave therapy is not a one-size-fits-all program.  Results may vary based on your age and underlying health conditions -and Rockville Health will work with you as your partner in health optimization to achieve your goals 1:1. 

We understand that transparency is trust- and we are community servants. But remember, we rely on the support of our amazing patient base to stay in business.  Most have found our therapy offerings to be worthy of 5 stars for affordability and efficacy. Plus we offer free consultations -no insurance required, and community care nights are coming soon to give back to our community -no matter what hardship may happen.

WE ARE ROCKVILLE HARD! Together, we can provide a better culture of care and lead a renaissance in American Healthcare.

Pricing for ESWT in Rockville, MD, varies by program.  The average cost for a pain therapy session is anywhere from $150 to $500. We offer comprehensive financial planning services and community based programs to assist those in financial hardship. For further information or applications, contact the Rockville Health Business Office electronically (eFax or E-Mail)

There are several differences between the men’s intimate wellness therapy program called GAINSWave, and our Swiss Pain Therapy Shockwave programs. 

The main differences are in technique and prices.  GAINSWave is a therapy technique (not a device) provided by over 250 doctors across America. Average cost of care is between $300 and $500 per treatment.  And treatments are specifically for men’s sexual health.

Swiss Shockwave for pain relief utilizes internationally appropriated, open source, clinically proven techniques that deliver the same acoustic or vibratory shockwave energy- but with precision local to your pain.  Cost of non-intimate wellness related therapies are generally less than GAINSWave. 

At Rockville Health, we love all future forward bioelectric technologies.

Having received training from the best and brightest ESWT providers in the entire World, I have no quarrel with Focused Shockwave (fSW) therapy technology- as long as the provider using this very powerful Class 3 device is being used by a Doctor of Osteopathy  -Bone doctor.  FSW can pack a powerful punch, and in our experience lacks the proprioceptive characteristics of Radial Pressure Wave / Acoustic Wave / Pulse Wave / Shockwave therapy.  

As the ONLY member-provider of the Shock Wave Society of North America in and around Washington, DC – and the State of Maryland, we abide by clinical best practices and the governance of the International Society of Medical Shockwave.  Our technologies, techniques, and tools are top of the line- and just like any tool…it is only as good as it’s master.  

Mastery of ESWT technology and technique is not yet available to the United States as an internationally accepted curriculum.  But SWSNA has been invited to attend the upcoming 2021 ISMST Convention in Europe to lead American HCP’s in adopting the highest ethical standards of care that you will receive at Rockville Health.

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