Top Reasons Pro Athletes Are Lining Up To Try Swiss Acoustic Percussive Wave

Health Expressions Exposes #1 Reason Patients and Pro Athletes With Foot Pain Are Lining Up To Try Swiss Acoustic Compression Therapy Around DC Metro Area

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) has gained a substantial amount of attention this year already with a new FDA approval that demonstrated efficacy and safety by the use of this form of Acoustic Compression Therapy. Much of this evidence is focused on the treatment of a specific region of the body, such as lateral epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, and shoulder tendinopathies. Dr. Jennifer Miller, DC, announced today that her Swiss technique is now available to meet the needs of patients plagued by chronic foot pain. Her Swiss Wave Techniques addresses a growing clinical utility from her outpatient care office. In advance of healthcare changes, acoustic waves are already finding success enhancing men’s bedroom performances across Maryland: Now, patients are successfully finding Health Expressions for relief to avoid foot surgery.

In spite of dawning all COVID19 precautions and posting public health disclaimers on the windows at Health Expressions, men and women from Rockville and around the Washington D.C. metro line up for care. Many of which suffer with chronic pain, keeping Dr. Jennifer Miller busier then she expected. Her sports and health clinic – Health Expressions- had to update more than just the name this year to pivot for growing demand of her value-based care programs not available anywhere else in Maryland. “Shockwave represents something big, new, and scary,” Dr. Ryan H, President of SWSNA interjected, “with global applications across Physical Therapy, Neuropathy, Podiatry, Aesthetic, OBGYN, and Urology, it raises a healthy amount of scepticism.”. While the FDA has not comprehensively approved of the medical shockwave business’ off-label growth, shockwave has attracted some of America’s top athletes-like Dwyane Wade and NBA Hall of Fame superstar, Dennis Rodman-seeking a competitive edge. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy remains the golden standard worldwide for blasting kidney stones. Swiss shockwave has become widely regarded as the number one treatment for patients and pro athletes seeking its cure-like effectiveness for many indications; such as musculoskeletal pain, shorter workout recoveries, and bigger gains.

For clinical business owners offering progressive care of aches and pains with this novel Swiss Tech, the competition remains relatively thin. But American doctors have welcomed shockwave into such esteemed clinics as Mayo Sports Medicine Clinics, where athletes frequently find relief using the Swiss DolorClast Device. Another noteworthy health group that has demonstrated viral growth provides Gainswave treatments for impotence as a viagra alternative.

Among the many who share enthusiasm for Biohacking experiences, entrepreneurs have also started buying into the shockwave health marketplace with hopes of taking a piece of the profitability. “This presents an incredible opportunity for doctors to help many people- but also a real danger to patients unaware of illegitimate clinics that rent inexperienced doctors from staffing groups,” Shock Wave Society President Ryan continued. “Many doctors have reported their sole shockwave device education came from YouTube video search results in place of attending any Training Programs or joining Specialty Medical Societies that are fully prepared to offer in-service and continuing education domestically and internationally.” American medicine is an industry faced with huge challenges as we transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. Shockwave is a game-changer not only for patients seeking to discover more affordable alternatives to surgery, while also over-achieving patient expectations in relieving common foot and ankle symptoms, such as:

  • Feet Tingling
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

“Under our value-based care model, patients no longer need to focus on paying for their therapy as though they’re paying for a movie. Health Expressions offers value-based care programs that are based on each individual patient’s goals and the integrative approach of including the patient in the therapy decision making process with 100% transparency,” Dr. Jennifer Miller said during our recent zoom interview. “The rocket launch here is not that this medical device does it all,” Dr Jen explained, “ but with the right techniques and shared investment in functional medicine, a patient-centered care model is sound. “Shockwave not only accelerates our patients’ recoveries; those patients don’t need to come back after relief is achieved.”Dr. Jennifer Miller, DC

The number of Americans that have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and plantar fasciitis continues to grow. New advancements in pain management devices like the Storz D-Actor used by Dr. Miller might offer the new normal across America as we recover from the Pandemic. Already considered the Gold Standard by medical societies across Europe, Americans has embraced this highly effective device to help them wave goodbye to their leg pain.

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