Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus With Q Switch ND: Yag.

Toenail fungus is a common problem that affects millions of people each year. It can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and difficult to treat. Thankfully, laser treatment using the Harmony XL Pro Q Switch and Rohrer Aesthetics Spectrum Q Stich systems offer a safe and effective solution for treating this condition. Let’s explore why these machines provide the best options for treating onychomycosis. 

How Does Harmony XL Pro Work? 

The Harmony XL Pro system uses laser energy to target the fungus that causes onychomycosis without harming surrounding tissue or skin. The laser energy is delivered in pulses that penetrate through the layers of your skin and nail to reach the infected area. As it passes through these layers of tissue, it heats up and destroys any fungal material present while preserving healthy cells. 

Benefits of Laser Treatment 

Harmony XL Pro offers numerous benefits over traditional treatments such as topical creams or oral medications. Unlike creams or pills, lasers offer an immediate solution with minimal side effects. Because nails can take 9-12 months to fully grow out, it will take time to see the full results, but results may be seen in just a few weeks. 

Laser treatment is non-invasive, so there’s no need for anesthesia or lengthy recovery times like there would be if you were undergoing surgery. Also, since this is an outpatient procedure, you don’t have to worry about taking time away from work or other commitments in order to receive treatment. 

Are There Any Risks? 

As with any medical procedure, there are some risks associated with using laser therapy for treating toenail fungus. During the procedure, you may feel a heating sensation or pain during or just after the treatment; however, the pain should resolve within a few minutes. You may also notice that the skin is red in the treated area, but this will likely disappear after 24 hours. There is also a small risk of burns if the operator does not follow instructions, i.e., energy is too high or stacking the pulses on the same spot.

Preparing for Treatment

Before treatment, you should have a thorough discussion with your provider about the risks and benefits of using laser therapy and any ask questions or concerns you may have. Your provider will give you instructions on preparing for the procedure, such as avoiding any activity that might bring additional trauma to the treatment site. 

Before your first treatment, you should treat all of the shoes you own with Curex or a similar antifungal powder or spray. This will ensure that the treated nails will not get reinfected after treatment. When you start your treatments, you should bring a clean pair of socks to each appointment. 

What To Expect From the Treatment

You will be asked to return to the clinic for a follow-up visit two weeks after your initial treatment.  During this visit, your doctor will assess the progress of the treatment and decide if additional sessions are needed. The number of treatments required for successful results varies from person to person; however, it typically takes 3-5 treatments every 2-4 weeks to treat the fungus. You will be given topical treatments such as Salicylic acid, Benzoic acid, or Talc to apply to the treated area until full growth of the nail plate is observed. 

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

If you are suffering from onychomycosis (toenail fungus), laser therapy using the Harmony XL Pro system can provide relief quickly and safely with minimal side effects or downtime. Laser therapy treats existing fungal infections and helps prevent future ones from developing by strengthening nails against infection-causing bacteria and fungi. If you’re looking for a fast and effective solution for toenail fungus, then laser therapy may be right for you! 

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